The Group has established a strong system for product research and development. Adhering to continuous product research and development, the Group has invested heavily in creating a leading product research and development center which is equipped with advanced research and development equipments and an innovative research and development team that keeps exchanging ideas and cooperating with numerous scientific research institutions at home and abroad. New products are launched at different times to meet different consumers' needs and to lead the industry development. Gradually the Group has formed four core product categories such as bread, cakes and pastries; chips, fries and others; biscuits; and beverage etc. With the leading research and development capability, the Group is a vivid testament of a Chinese enterprise's successful transformation from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

Product research and development is a systematic project that involves the participation of multiple departments. After years of exploration, the Group has built a collaborative research and development system led by product research and development center and also involved in cooperation of the marketing department, procurement department, production department, quality control department and legal department.

  • R&D Department

  • Marketing

  • Purchasing

  • Production Management

  • Quality Control

  • Legal Affairs