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The Group believes in each employee's ability, pays much respect to each employee's work, develops their sense of ownership and accomplishment so that employees voluntarily devote themselves to their work, meanwhile building a skilled, efficient and high quality team.

The Group emphasizes on identifying and promoting talented people and also building an experienced and reliable management team. The management team is familiar with the industry and loyal to the company with strong execution capability, innovation ability, cohesion and loyalty. The team has already become the mainstay of Dali and is supporting the rapid growth of the company.


Execution - Enable the company to effectively implement its business decisions, ensuring a smooth operation from production to marketing.

Control - Ensure the company to have effective cost control and gain opportunities upfront in market competition.

Innovation – Enable the company to differentiate from peers through innovations in marketing and management. 

Cohesion – Build up the team spirit through shared career vision, well-defined team goal and complementary advantages.

Loyalty – Ensure the company to keep leading position and its unique advantages by demonstrating loyalty to the company and  career.

Dali views its employees as important resources for the company development. It has established and improved talent training and promotion mechanism, enabling everyone to find a suitable place for him or her under the fair and open mechanism.

The management system comes first: Company develops a well-established employee training program to improve each employee's working quality, tap potential of each employee and build the team spirit. Also, the company develops a well-defined employee performance evaluation mechanism which helps measure employee's contribution to the company.

Follow the trend of talent development: Company motivates the employees through talent identification and promotion mechanism, ensuring talented people to stand out; Company also designed a development program for outstanding talented people, encouraging them to grow with the company and realize their own value.