Refreshing and invigorating, bringing positive energy

Nowadays, people are becoming busier and busier and they are more in need of refreshing energy drinks. In 2013, approved by the China Food and Drug Administration, the Group launched its own energy drink product: Hi-Tiger.

"Drink Hi-Tiger, refreshing and invigorating, bringing positive energy". The name "Hi-Tiger" is easy to remember and has a strong brand image. The brand conveys positive energy and echoes with the young generation. The brand brings passion and energy to the young customers, gives confidence to them and encourages young people to be positive when facing the future. Hi-Tiger immediately became the emerging force in the energy drinks market post launch.


"Hi" means optimistic and braveness, representing the vitality and positive attitude of the young generation. "Tiger" is the king of the beasts. It represents power, strength and pride. Hi-Tiger is not only an energy drink, but also represents passion, pride and audacity. Hi-Tiger became the sponsorship brand of China Basketball Association immediately after launch. Hi-Tiger has always been supporting the basketball games and players.