Peanut +Milk  Nutrition 1+1

Daliyuan Peanut Milk is a perfect combination of plant protein and animal protein. The product advocates nutrition 1+1 concept, making the rich-flavored peanut milk more attractive and also leading the healthy food trend.

Daliyuan Peanut Milk is made of selected red peanuts and high-quality milk, and is manufactured by aseptic pack cold filling technique, which helps retain the nutrition of peanut and milk. Daliyuan Peanut Milk quickly became the top brand, leading the trend of healthy food.



Daliyuan Peanut Milk is a combination of both peanut and milk flavors. The product has a soft texture and retains the valuable nutrition from peanut and milk. After product launch, Daliyuan peanut milk has become the love of consumers and the top tier brand in the plant-based dairy beverages category.